Amenities in Kirkwall

Cash Points & Currency Exchange

The cash points have been highlighted on the map.

You can change money in the Kirkwall Post Office on Junction Road, where you’ll get good exchange rates for foreign currency.

Opening hours are

Mon      09:00-17:00

Tue        09:30-17:00

Wed      09:00-17:00

Thu        09:00-17:00

Fri           09:00-17:00

Sat          09:30-12:30

Sun        Closed


You may find some of the local retailers will accept Euros during high season. Bureaux de change often charges a handling fee and commission.

Kirkwall BID Businesses who are accepting foreign currency for the 2017 High Season (please check with retailer before purchasing):

– WHB Sutherlands Pharmacy: Euros

– The Longship: Euros

–  Kirkness & Gorie – Euros

–  Kairds:  Euros & US Dollars (many exchange small amounts of Euros depending what cash is available at time)

– Sheila Fleet:  US Dollars and Euros

– Judith Glue & Real Food Café: US Dollars and Euros

– We Frame It: Euros

– Dealz: Euros

– Starlings: Euros

– Little Island: Euros

– Hourstons: Euros


Last updated: Aug 22, 2017 @ 8:15 pm