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Keeping the Heart in Kirkwall for Valentine’s Day

This is a Kirkwall BID Public Service Announcement.  Valentine’s Day is now less than a week away!!

We strongly advise against making the traditional 11.59pm trip to the supermarket on February 13 to grab one of the sorry looking bouquets nobody else has bought, along with those chocolates you know your partner doesn’t actually like that much.BigHeart

Instead, open your heart to what our tantalising town centre has to offer lovers – fancy florists, gorgeous gift shops, ravishing restaurants and beautiful boutiques, to name but a few romantically themed things beginning with the same letter.

ToastYes, Venice might have the Grand Canal, but here in Kirkwall you can wind your way through Bridge Street, Albert Street, Broad Street and Victoria Street, collecting some truly unique tokens of your affection along the way. And you don’t need a gondola!

It’s a much more personal approach to Valentine’s Day and, if your spark is missing, it’ll probably help with that too*.

Kirkwall. Shop local and feel the love.

*Kirkwall BID cannot be responsible for the restoration of Spark, though we do hope things work out. Serenading is optional, though recommended. Poetry is nice too.