Kirkwall is the capital of Orkney, a historic town with the magnificent 12th century St Magnus Cathedral at its centre. Described by author George Mackay Brown as a  “900 year old saga in stone”, Kirkwall has long been the hub of Orkney life.

The beating heart of Kirkwall is its people – what they buy and sell, where they work and play. Community life goes on throughout the year, with christenings, marriages and blackenings, funerals and memorials all taking place in the historic centre – and much, much more besides….

Young musicians busking outside Judith Glue, Kirkwall, Mainland, Orkney.

We’re fortunate to have a vibrant town centre when many in Britain are losing their soul. Lots of the shops are independently run, often by the same family for generations.

There is a surprising range of goods and services on offer in the town centre, from food and drink to clothing, homeware, books and jewellery, as well as banks, insurance, restaurants, bars and cafes.  Kirkwall also serves as a transport hub and distribution centre for the rest of Orkney, with buses and ferries departing from the town and an airport nearby.

Kirkwall town centre is a meeting place, rich with cultural and community life and often hosting events from music and arts to sports of all kinds. You can find out the latest about what’s going on in our events section.

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Sheila Fleet Jewellery Shop in Kirkwall





Picture Credit : Paul Tomkins / VisitScotland

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