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Could you be the next BID manager?

What is the opportunity?

Kirkwall BID Ltd seeks an energetic, experienced manager with a passion for promoting the town centre and its businesses. As Kirkwall enters a period of development there is the opportunity for the right person to really make a difference.

What is Kirkwall BID?

Kirkwall Business Improvement District Ltd is a membership organisation representing and supporting approximately 250 businesses of all sizes and sectors in central Kirkwall. It is part of a nationwide network of BIDS but is free to devise and deliver whatever activities can best promote the interests of its members. It is entirely independent of Orkney Islands Council, but has a Baseline Agreement defining which areas are OIC responsibilities and which BID can be involved in. BID has a Board of Directors elected from its membership, who operate according to a set of Articles of Association. It has a business plan outlining what will be delivered over the next term of 5 years, ending March 2028.

Key function and responsibilities

Job Function. The BID Manager works with the board, members, public bodies, and service providers to deliver the BID Business Plan to promote, enhance and support members and the town, in a timely, transparent, and cost-effective manner. This is a high-profile post that requires a wide range of skills and a level of seniority. The BID Manager will be able to lead where necessary, with guidance from the board, and will be able to effectively manage staff.

Reports to: Kirkwall BID Board, chiefly via the Chairperson.

Manages: Marketing, Events and Admin Officer (a post of approx. nine hours per week, focussing on social media and the BID website)

Main duties

  1. With the Board of Directors’ strategic direction, work with members to ensure delivery of the annual and five-year business plans to time and budget.
  2. Ensure the timely collection of the BID Levy from OIC.
  3. Lead on the organisation and delivery of events with support from the BID Marketing, Events and Admin Officer, the board and BID members.
  4. Line manage the BID Marketing, Events and Admin Officer and oversee the marketing of BID’s activities, events and schemes through print, our website and social media.
  5. Administrate BID business including preparing for and minuting meetings, correspondence, applying for necessary licences, providing information for Companies House and accountants, and maintaining the membership database.
  6. Make sure BID Complies with all relevant legislation, including planning, licensing, and health and safety.
  7. Work closely with the Treasurer and other board members to agree annual budgets, and thereafter to ensure BID works within that budget.
  8. Undertake the day-to-day operation of the Kirkwall Gift Card scheme and manage ongoing marketing of the scheme.
  9. Build relationships with BID members to keep them informed of BID business and relevant issues and canvas opinion on issues arising.
  10. Work closely with OIC, BID Scotland, VisitScotland and other sectoral groups and public bodies.
  11. Act as the face and voice of BID in interviews and public appearances. Write and issue press releases as required with support from the Board of Directors.
  12. Carry out any other reasonable activities as requested by the board.
  13. Preparing BID for the next Ballot in 2028

What experience and qualities are we looking for?

  1. A passion for Kirkwall and its town centre. A drive to help its businesses survive and succeed. A belief in the community BID represents, and a willingness to go the extra mile to support it.
  2. Ability to be self-motivating, working independently much of the time, given the voluntary nature of the Board of Directors, while following guidelines laid out in annual plan, budgets, and board meetings.
  3. Experience in a range of business roles and environments and working with a membership.
  4. Good experience of project, people and financial management.
  5. Excellent communication skills, written and spoken. Ability to communicate clearly and confidently with members, press, public bodies, and others.
  6. Excellent administration and organisations skills, record-keeping and minute-taking.
  7. An understanding of marketing and promotion, with knowledge of using Canva and Mailchimp.
  8. IT skills, with good Word and Excel knowledge being essential.
  9. Willingness to work flexibly, including some evenings and weekends, as required.
  10. An ability to combine imagination, creativity, and fun with highly professional performance often to tight deadlines.

If you think you would be a great fit for this position, please download the Job Description below to apply.


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This project was part-financed by the Scottish Government and the European Community Orkney Leader 2007-13 Programme.