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In Kirkwall? Explore local facilities and key locations on our interactive map below.

Our map of Kirkwall includes parking, ATMs, currency exchange, tourist information, taxi pick-up points, post office, toilets, churches and wi-fi access to help you find anything you need in our town centre.

Kirkwall BID has recently created three separate town maps for the benefit of both tourists and local people. This includes a fantastic charity trail, an ATM and pharmacy map, and a public toilet map, which includes opening times.

Or click here to view our Toon Treasure Trail, a 2 mile walk around Kirkwall!

Click here to find the charity trail, the ATM and pharmacy map, and the public toilet map

Wi-Fi Access
Currency Exchange
Post Office
Taxi Pick Up Points
Tourist Information


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This project was part-financed by the Scottish Government and the European Community Orkney Leader 2007-13 Programme.